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Sleeping and breathing well is bliss!

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Do you have healthy sleeping habits?

Is your bedroom sleep-friendly? Here are some tips to design a space for sleeping

In order to create the perfect environment for sleeping, first you need to dim the lights an hour before you sleep. Make sure your room is as relaxing and peaceful as possible. You should also keep your room cool - between 60 - 67 degrees. Choose the best mattress, pillows and bedding for you and reduce fluctuating noise. Lastly surround yourself with scents you like - this can help with creating a calm environment.


Get to know how to prepare a room dedicated to sleep, or how to get ready for travel into another time zone, or even simple rules for better sleep.


Here are some healthy sleeping tips

• Keep the same bedtime and waking time, even on the weekends

• Create a relaxing bedtime ritual

• Try not to take naps

• Exercise everyday

• Evaluate your bedroom - is it relaxing and calming?

• Make sure your mattress and pillow are comfortable

• Use bright light to help manage

Come to us for healthy sleeping tips. We can help you create a better sleeping environment

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