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Sleeping and breathing well is bliss!

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Let us help you sleep

New time-zones can be hard to cope with

Are you traveling any time soon? Come to us for your jet lag treatment

When there is a temporary mismatch between your sleep-wake cycle timing generated by your internal clock and the sleep-wake pattern induced by the time-zone, this is called Jet Lag disorder. Jet lag is typically more severe when traveling eastward because our biological clock adjusts to longer days better than shorter ones.

Are you working the night shift?

Let us help you cope

Shift Work Type typically involves complaints about insomnia or excessive sleepiness because you’re working during your normal sleep period. Shift-work schedules include late evening, night, early morning and rotating shifts.


If you find you’re getting only 1 - 4 hours of sleep even after you’ve become accustomed to the hours, come see us for treatment.

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment

• Educate to alleviate unnecessary sleep loss due to traveling in different time zones

• Preparation to alleviate change in work shift sleep loss

If you're traveling far or starting a new shift at work - come to our clinic. We'll help you cope with your new sleeping patterns

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How to prevent jet lag

To prevent jet lag some people turn to melatonin pills. Studies have shown melatonin pills to be highly effective in reducing or preventing jet lag.


The melatonin promoted sleep and decreased jet lag in travelers who crossed 5 or more time zones.

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