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Sleeping and breathing well is bliss!

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Develop healthy habits

We'll help you develop healthy sleeping habits

Is your teen always busy? Help your teen develop healthy sleeping habits


Teenagers can lead very active lives. From classes to extracurricular activities, teens can have an activity    packed day. This can lead to a lack of proper sleeping.


Poor sleep can cause behavior problems, impaired learning and school performance and more. Bring your teen to us, so we can tackle this problem before it gets out of hand.


The common disorders are:

a.Difficulty to get to sleep due to overactive life

b.Difficulty to arise feeling fully rested

Poor sleeping habits can cause...

Tips for healthy sleeping

• Behavior problems

• Impaired learning and school performance

• Mood and emotion problems

• Obesity and more

• Make sleep your priority

• Don’t take naps near your bedtime

• Don’t take caffeine close to your bedtime

• Wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday

• Don’t eat, drink or exercise near your bedtime

Poor sleeping habits in teens can lead to serious health problems - bring your teen in today

Let's help your teen develop healthy sleeping habits



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